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Modern interior of light bathroom

Bathroom Renovations Barrhaven


Design, Labor, Materials 


Certified Electrician and Plumber


New Bathroom in 2 weeks

If you are no longer happy with your bathroom or need to expand it, contact Be Leaf Renovation. 
Our specialists will provide a free consultation and quality bathroom renovations in Barrhaven. We perform any work, from simple plumbing replacement to complex integration of a new bathroom into the established layout of your home. All tasks will be completed in the shortest possible time and with the best quality and materials.

-  Original design;       -  Wide selection of quality materials;       -  Execution of all types of custom bathrooms     -  Quick dismantling of old plumbing;         -  High quality of all renovation;       -  Professional electrical and plumbing installations;

Disine of bathroom with schluter materials
Shower renovation with Schluter line drain in Ottawa
Process of installation of tile
Bathroom with Schluter heated floor
Custom Bathroom renovation in Ottawa with a Schluter system

Our Process of Bathroom Renovations Barrhaven

1. Call or write to us to describe your needs and set up a meeting time.
2. Get expert advice and a preliminary quote for bathroom renovation after inspecting
your premises.
3. Select materials and a stylish design with the help of our professionals.
4. Give us just a little time to complete all Barrhaven bathroom renovation services at
our best.
5. Enjoy your comfortable and beautiful bathroom with a 3-year guarantee on all work.

Logo Be Leaf Renovation
4 piece bathroom in Orleans after renovation

We employ only certified professionals with good recommendations from clients.


We work when it is convenient for you and adapt to your work schedule.


We carry out complete bathroom renovations Barrhaven. You won't have to look for other subcontractors in Ottawa to do anything else.


We remove all debris from your home after the project is completed.

Why Be Leaf Renovation Is the No. 1 Choice for
Bathroom Renovation

The Best Value of Bathroom Remodeling Barrhaven

Professional bathroom remodeling has many advantages compared to DIY renovation:

● Fast and high-quality implementation of your idea into reality;
● Saving on materials due to well-established relationships with suppliers;
● Considering all legal standards when remodeling or adding a bathroom;
● Compliance with safety precautions during work;
● 3-year warranty on all work performed by the company.

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Barrhaven

● You may have already planned out every detail in your new bathroom. Our team will make your dream come true in the shortest time.
● If you want a stylish, modern design but don't know exactly which one to choose, we'll create a design that's sure to inspire you.
● If you would like to work together on a project, we will be happy to share our vision and integrate all your considerations into the final plan.

The contractor of bathroom renovation in the process

Why Be Leaf Renovation Is
Your Best Choice of Contractor

-  Our staff are Kanata bathroom renovation experts with long-term experience in this area.
-  We work at a time convenient for our clients and perform a complete clean-up after all repair work.
-  A 3-year guarantee on our work will give you free services if necessary.
-  We provide a full cycle of work in the shortest possible time and save you from any hassle.

Improve Your Living Circumstances with Bathroom Addition

Barrhaven bathroom renovation experts carry out work of any complexity. If you want to not just replace plumbing or change the design of the room but also make remodelling or bathroom additions, we will be happy to help you. This will take a little longer since construction work requires obtaining permission. However, each stage of the work will be completed with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. We also conduct thorough inspections of all our services to ensure everything complies with building regulations and safety regulations.

Free up Space in Your Bathroom with Tub to Shower Conversion

Modern showers look very stylish and take up less space than a bathtub. At the same time, they save water and even provide a healthy massage. Contact bathroom contractors Barrhaven to safely remove your old bathroom and install an elegant shower stall. You'll love your new experience and the new space you've created.


When will I know the full cost of the project?
We first provide a preliminary estimate for the project so you can decide whether to proceed with the design development phase. Once the design is approved, you will receive a final estimate.

Will I need an additional contractor to carry out any bathroom remodelling work?
No, the Be Leaf Renovation team provides a full cycle of work. Therefore, there is no need to contact another subcontractor.

Can your company do basement renovations?
Yes, we carry out any work related to the addition or remodelling of bathrooms. Invite one of our specialists to assess the conditions of your basement to start working.

Bathroom in Ottawa

Be Leaf Renovation

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