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Basement Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa

Basement Bathroom Renovation


Design, Labor, Materials 


Certified Electrician and Plumber


New Bathroom in 3 weeks

Build From $17,000

For now, basement bathroom renovation is helping homeowners increase resale value and add convenience to all family members. The repair process may seem quite complicated, but in this article, we will talk about how you can avoid difficulties during the repair, what requirements you need to consider, and the services that you can use.

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We are a small local renovation company in Ottawa that aims to help our clients turn their ideas into reality. The reputation of our company is one of the key elements of cooperation, and it is important for us to build strong relationships with our clients, ensuring they are 100% satisfied with our collaboration and feel completely at ease.

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Drawing renovation of bathroom estate shower

Basement Bathroom Renovation Process

Building a bathroom in the basement is not an easy task that requires certain permissions and compliance with regulations. Here is the renovation process that every homeowner should be prepared for:
     - Drawing up a project.
     - Definition of basement bathroom renovation costs.
     - Obtaining permits from local authorities.
     - Demolition part.
     - Building partition walls and ceiling
     - Plumbing and electrical installation.
     - Installation of drywall, membrane, ditra, and more.
     - Installation of wall and floor tile, grouting, baseboard, painting and more.
     - Installation of vanity, shower door, toilet, mirror and more.
     - Testing the premises for suitability for use.
     - Final finishing and cleaning of the premises from construction debris.

Finishing a basement bathroom is one of the most important steps since this room was not originally intended to create a bathing room and requires many actions that will allow you to do this comfortably and safely.

Basement Bathroom Renovation Cost

Basement bathroom renovation cost depends on the characteristics of your room, such as size, quality and quantity of materials, amount of finishing work, and the location of the house.
Renovation in the basement is always more complicated and requires more effort and professionalism.
The average basement bathroom renovation cost can range from
$17,000 to $25,000. In case you want to do a more elaborate bathroom installation in the basement or use better materials, the price can go up to around $30,000.

Bathroom Renovation Prices

Tub to Shower Conversion Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 6,500


3 pc. Bathroom Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 12,000

4 pc. Bathroom Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 15,000


Custom Shower Installaton Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 8,000

Basement Bathroom Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 17,000


Powder room  Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 6,000


How Long Will the Basement Bathroom Renovation Process Take?

Having made the decision to renovate the bathroom in the basement, you need to be prepared for the fact that the repair process can take from 3 weeks to 4 weeks. The time required for re-equipment depends on the complexity of the project and individual wishes.

Requirements for a Basement Bathroom Build

As we mentioned earlier, building a basement bathroom is a rather responsible task that must comply with certain rules and requirements:
  - Initially, you need to obtain a building permit from the city.
  - During the repair, it is strictly forbidden to change the location of the sewer lines.
  - It is important to install good ventilation so as not to provoke the appearance of mould.
  - When installing a bathtub in the basement, it is imperative to apply waterproofing measures.
  - Depending on the specific rules of your area, it is important to provide an emergency exit.
  - Follow the rules of electricity and the ratio of outlets.
Do not forget that to build a bathroom in the basement, it is important to contact experienced certified professionals who have professional knowledge and are familiar with the requirements and regulations of Ontario.

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