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Modern interior of light bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Gallery

By Be Leaf Renovation

Welcome to our Bathroom Renovation Gallery.

In Ottawa, we are experts in designing beautiful and practical bathroom renovations that raise rooms to new heights. With the use of contemporary technologies, our integrated remodelling process guarantees a smooth and seamless experience from planning to the reveal of your new bathroom. With a deep commitment to innovation, we infuse modern technologies into every aspect of our bathroom renovations.  At Be Leaf Renovation, our professionalism and craftsmanship speak volumes. Our sharp eye for design and attention to detail set us apart as artisans of bathroom renovation. We take immense pride in turning your bathroom dreams into reality, with every project showcasing the love and dedication we pour into our work. Delight in the elegance of bathroom flooring that sets the stage for a captivating retreat. Whether it's the timeless charm of bathroom floor tiles or the seamless allure of the best flooring for bathrooms, we curate designs that elevate your bathroom's ambiance to new heights. Discover the allure of small bathroom vanities with sinks, which have been cleverly designed to maximize space without sacrificing aesthetic. Our updates to contemporary bathroom fixtures and stylish finishing touches give your daily routines a light, upscale feel. Let the brilliance of bathroom lights cast a warm glow on your space, transforming your bathroom into a heavenly escape. And don't forget the allure of bathroom niches, where functionality meets aesthetics, providing an elegant solution for your storage needs. At Be Leaf Renovation, we believe that a bathroom renovation is more than just a project; it's an opportunity to breathe new life into your home and elevate your everyday experiences. Our gallery is a testament to the passion and dedication we pour into every bathroom remodel, as we strive to make your dreams a tangible reality. Below, you'll find snapshots of our recent renovations across the Ottawa area. Take a moment to explore and be inspired by the transformative power of our work.


Here is a gallery of images from Ottawa bathroom renovations that give you a look at some of our most recent work. Our project manager diligently captured these shots during and after the transformations.
The photos showcase the work we've done in Ottawa areas like Kanata, Nepean, Barrhaven, Orleans, Stittsville and others. Each image captures the changes made to the bathrooms, revealing the progress from start to finish.
You can see in these images that the fixtures have been updated for a new style, and the walls are decorated with eye-catching tiles. We take great pride in our focus on the little things and our dedication to making dreams come true.
These photos offer a peek into the transformation process, illustrating how we turn ordinary spaces into functional and appealing bathrooms. As we continue our work, we strive to provide remarkable renovations that stand the test of time.

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Video Review and Photos of Tub to Shower Conversion


Description of the Tub to Shower Conversion Process

The bathroom renovation process commenced with a thorough demolition, clearing the space for a fresh start. Once the demolition was complete, the electrical work took center stage. Two elegant pot lights were thoughtfully installed above the shower, creating a soothing and well-lit atmosphere. Additionally, a new 3-gang switch was incorporated. The electrical upgrades underwent scrutiny, receiving an ESA Inspection Certificate as a testament to their safety and compliance with regulations. Next, the plumbing enhancements came into play. The old shut-off valve was promptly removed and capped, providing a clean canvas for the transformation. A modern Standard 36 x 60 stand-alone RIGHT drain acrylic shower base was skillfully installed, ensuring both durability and efficient water drainage. To further elevate the showering experience, a new shower valve and shower head were added, promising improved functionality and style. With meticulous labor and attention to detail, the renovation took shape. The walls underwent a thorough inspection to ensure plumb and level studs, providing a stable foundation. A new wall and a comfortable shower seat were erected, expertly framed and enhanced with drywall and DensShield water-proofing. Taping, mudding, sanding, and priming transformed the walls into a seamless and smooth canvas. Around the shower base, standard DensShield water-proofing was carefully applied, and fortified by waterproofing seams with Schluter® KERDI band, safeguarding against moisture damage. The bathroom's aesthetic appeal was elevated with the installation of Standard wall tiles, arranged in a classic pattern, and accentuated with precise grouting and cleaning. The crowning touch was the installation of a sleek and functional shower glass door, marrying elegance with practicality. Silicone was skillfully applied between the tub and tiles, ensuring a watertight seal for lasting performance. Any damaged floor tiles near the shower and closet were artfully repaired, yielding a flawless and visually appealing floor surface. The finished bathroom remodel is proof of expert craftsmanship and meticulous planning, to sum up. Every component was professionally handled, from labor-intensive chores to electrical and plumbing modifications. The newly remodelled bathroom now emanates a harmonic fusion of contemporary convenience and classic charm, offering residents a serene and welcoming environment to enjoy for years to come.

Photos of Basement Bathroom Renovation


Description of the Basement Bathroom Renovation Process

The completed basement bathroom renovation involved a meticulous and comprehensive process, resulting in a beautifully transformed space. The renovation began with a thorough demolition, including the removal of existing drywall and chipping concrete. Floor coverings were laid to ensure easy access from the home entrance to the construction site within the home. Electrical installation was a key focus, with the addition of new features. An exhaust fan, pot lights, GFI outlet, and new switches were all skillfully installed. The contractor drilled holes for the exhaust pipe and ensured proper insulation for its efficient operation. The electrical work underwent scrutiny, receiving an ESA Inspection Certificate as proof of compliance with safety standards. In the plumbing installation phase, significant upgrades were made. A new toilet was installed, complete with the laying of a new pipe. An acrylic shower base of 48 x 32 dimensions was carefully placed, and a new shower valve was incorporated to enhance functionality. Additionally, a sanitary sink was removed and replaced, ensuring modernity and convenience. Labor-intensive tasks followed, starting with building a wall for plumbing. The shower base was expertly leveled and fastened to studs, and DensShield waterproofing was applied above the tub, with waterproof seams reinforced using Schluter® KERDI band. The ceiling received drywall installation, and standard wall tiles in a timeless pattern extended to the ceiling around the shower. The finishing touches added elegance and functionality to the bathroom. A glass door was installed for the shower, and standard floor tiles were arranged in a classic pattern. Grouting and cleaning were meticulously carried out, ensuring a flawless and polished appearance. Backsplash tiles and tile edges were skillfully installed, while drywall and concrete were patched as needed. The framing, drywall installation, mudding, taping, sanding, and corner bead installation ensured a smooth and refined ceiling and bulkhead. A new door, baseboards, and casing were added, followed by the installation of a new vanity, countertop, and faucet. Finally, the bathroom was beautifully finished with priming, caulking, silicone application, and two coats of paint on walls and ceiling. The trims and baseboards also received two coats of paint, culminating in a visually stunning and fully functional basement bathroom.

Video Review and Photos of 3-pc. Bathroom Renovation with a custom shower


Description of the Custom Bathroom Renovation Process

The bathroom renovation was a comprehensive project that involved the demolition of various elements, including the tub, tiled walls above the tub, existing baseboard, flooring, toilet, vanity, countertop, faucet, and all wall mount accessories. The subfloor was inspected, and supply lines and drains were capped. The electrical installation included necessary changes such as converting outlets to GFCI, installing an LED mirror, a new pot light above the shower, a 3-gang switch with a dimmer, a new exhaust fan with a timer, and lighting under the vanity, including a pendant light. An ESA inspection certificate was received for the electrical work. The plumbing installation comprised installing a new toilet in the same location, removing the present shut-off valve, and installing a shower line drain and a new shower system. A new vanity sink and faucet were installed in the same location. The walls were inspected for plumb and level studs. The shower area was prepared with the installation of Schluter shower tray, shower curbs, waterproofing strip, PVC flange, and stainless steel grate, as well as inside and outside preformed waterproofing corners. DensShield waterproofing was used above the shower base, and seams were waterproofed with Schluter KERDI band. Mosaic tiles were installed on the shower base, and standard wall tiles were used in a standard pattern up to the ceiling. A shower glass door was also installed. For the flooring, the subfloor and joists were inspected, and a DITRA uncoupling membrane was installed. Standard floor tiles (12x24 inches) were laid, and all tiles were grouted and cleaned. A standard transition from tile to hardwood was also installed. On the wall behind the vanity, tiles were added, and drywall was fixed with extra screws where necessary. Drywall repairs, including patching and sanding, were carried out as required. The project concluded with the installation of baseboards, door trim, a new vanity with a custom countertop and faucet, and standard wall mount accessories like towel holders, toilet paper holders, and face towel rings. The finishing touches included priming where needed and painting all walls in one color with two coats, painting the ceiling in one colour with two coats, painting trims with one coat, and painting the inside of the bathroom door with one coat. Overall, the bathroom renovation was a complete transformation that resulted in a custom shower area and a beautifully updated and functional space.

Video Review and Photos of 4-pc. Bathroom Renovation