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Bathroom renovation in Ottawa

Bathroom Renovations Ottawa


Design, Labor, Materials 


Certified Electrician and Plumber


New Bathroom in 2 weeks

Build From $12,000

If you need to renovate your bathroom, our company, Be Leaf Renovation, specializes in bathroom renovations in Ottawa. Regardless of the project's complexity, whether it's a 3-piece bathroom, a 4-piece bathroom, a basement bathroom or a custom luxurious bathroom, we can provide you with the best service in Ottawa. We utilize modern technologies, the highest quality materials, and offer a 3-year guarantee for all types of work, along with post-warranty service. We will assist you in developing the project and selecting the best finishing materials at supplier prices.

Your new bathroom upgrade should provide you with comfort and functionality for years to come. We guarantee that our experts at Be Leaf Renovation will bring your ideas to life at the highest level of quality.

In conclusion, investing in bathroom renovations increases the overall value of your home. Start this process with our company Be Leaf Renovation, and we will turn all your ideas into reality.

Why Choose Be Leaf Renovation?

 3-YEAR Warranty


Start-to-finish customer support


Professional, certified experts


3-year warranty on our services


Experienced design help


High quality of work


Upfront transparent proposal & reasonable fees

We are a small local bathroom renovation company in Ottawa that aims to help our clients turn their ideas into reality. The reputation of our company is one of the key elements of cooperation, and it is important for us to build strong relationships with our clients, ensuring they are 100% satisfied with our collaboration and feel completely at ease.

We have nurtured our relationships over the years, providing ongoing support for any of their home renovation inquiries.

Our certified specialists perform their work at the highest level, allowing us to confidently claim that our company offers the best service in Ottawa. We help our customers choose the best materials at supplier prices and ensure that all work is done at affordable prices.

Furthermore, we provide service support for our work even after the 3-year warranty, which is automatically provided upon project completion.

Please don't hesitate to contact us; you will experience firsthand the honesty of our words, and we will be delighted to commence our cooperation

Drawing renovation of bathroom estate shower

Bathroom Renovation Process

If you're considering a bathroom renovation, before contacting our company, it's helpful to have an approximate budget for the project and a general idea of where you'd like everything placed. 
Afterward, you can submit a request through our website, and we will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to discuss all the project details and the next steps.


Create a Project

In some cases, before starting bathroom renovation work, it's necessary to obtain permission from the city, particularly if you plan to add a bathroom in a new location, such as a basement.
Certain bathroom renovation projects can be quite complex and require the development of a detailed plan that includes all plumbing and electrical components. 
We will assist you in addressing all these issues.


Signing the contract

After discussing all the details, we will provide you with a rough quote. Following that, we will clarify all the project specifics, including the selection of finishing materials. 
At this stage, we will send you a detailed proposal that can seamlessly transition into a contract.


Demolation, Plumbing and Electrical Work

Next, it's necessary to remove all old and unnecessary items from the bathroom. This may include floor and wall tiles, the bathtub or shower base, the toilet, the vanity, and more.

At this stage, our certified technicians install new plumbing and perform rough electrical work.

After completing the project, we will obtain the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) certificate.


General Works

Depending on the chosen planning and design, our experts perform all the necessary complex tasks to remodel the bathroom. These tasks include wall levelling, waterproofing, tiling, grouting, sanding, priming, painting, shower door installation, vanity installation, and much more.



At the end of the bathtub remodel process, we clean the room and ensure you don't leave any debris behind.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

The cost of a bathroom renovation depends directly on the project's complexity and the finishing materials used. Depending on the type of bathroom and the extent of work required, you can estimate the price for the project as follows:

For a more classic type of bathroom, such as:

- 3-piece bathroom:
The approximate cost for labor and rough materials ranges from
12k to 14k, plus tax.
If you include all labor, rough materials, and finishing materials, it will be in the range of
16k to 19k, plus tax.

-  4-piece bathroom:
The approximate cost for labor and rough materials ranges from
15k to 17k, plus tax.
If you include all labor, raw materials, and finishing materials, it will be in the range of
21k to 24k, plus tax.

More complex luxury bathroom projects that involve custom showers, benches, custom glass doors, custom vanity, and more can range from 25k to 40k, plus tax.

Bathroom Renovation Prices

Tub to Shower Conversion Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 6,500


3 pc. Bathroom Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 12,000


4 pc. Bathroom Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 15,000


Custom Shower Installaton Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 8,000


Basement Bathroom Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 17,000


Powder room  Renovation Cost

Cost of labour and all rough materials
Build From - $ 6,000


Which Factors Should Be Considered Before Bathroom Remodeling?

Before starting a bathroom renovation in Ottawa, there are several factors to consider, which we will outline below:
Allowable renovation costs.

- Bathroom design, style, and functionality.
Prior to commencing bathroom renovation, we recommend that you explore various bathroom design solutions on the internet that you like. Based on your preferences, we can discuss implementing these ideas and functionality in your home. Later, we will advise you on the appropriate finishing materials that best suit your project.

- Change in layout.
In some cases, it may be necessary to create drawings and obtain city permits before commencing work. This is particularly relevant if you intend to add a new bathroom in a different location or alter the layout of your house.

- Materials.
Our company gives you the opportunity to purchase finishing materials both independently and through our company.  The costs for rough materials are automatically included in the quotes we provide for your bathroom renovation.

- Time.
We strive to renovate bathrooms efficiently and promptly. Our experts are on-site daily, from the project's inception to its completion. The project's timeline directly depends on its complexity.

- Bathroom renovation contractor.
All our company's experts are highly qualified and possess the necessary licenses to execute all tasks related to your bathroom renovation.

- Presence of hidden issues.
During the course of the work, unexpected challenges may arise, complicating the process. In such cases, we always work closely with our clients to find the best solutions.

- Resale value.
Resale value is a crucial consideration. Given that the bathroom is one of the most challenging areas of a house, every potential buyer will certainly pay close attention to the condition, quality, materials used, and design of the bathrooms. Successful design solutions and bathroom renovation ideas are essential elements that impact your home's value. Our company can guarantee that we will deliver high-quality workmanship, and the increase in your home's value will significantly exceed your investment in the renovation.

Bathroom in Ottawa

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