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Interior of bathroom with modern bathtub, bath accessories and houseplants near green wall
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Элегантная ванная комната

Custom Shower and Custom Glass Shower Doors Installation

Are you looking for custom shower and shower door installation services in Ottawa? Be Leaf experts are ready to assist you with any bathroom renovation task. Our company provides professional services to make your shower area functional and comfortable. We install custom shower glass doors and showers, meeting your unique needs and preferences.

Custom Showers and Glass Doors

Our company deals with custom glass shower doors and shower pans. There are various options in terms of materials, types, and styles. 
A brief outline of common shower pan types: acrylic, fiberglass, tile, solid surface, cast iron, molded stone, stone resin, porcelain, marble, and composite.
An overview of custom shower door options: frameless, framed, hinged, sliding, bi-fold, neo-angle, and steam. Glass options: clear, frosted, rain, and tinted. 
These types of shower pans and doors have pros and cons, so address our experts for professional consultation.

Custom Shower Designs

When planning the design of a bathroom with a custom shower, it's crucial to consider not only the shower itself but also the options for a custom shower door and bench.

Our team of experts ensures every element complements each other seamlessly, creating a cohesive and comfortable bathroom space. We determine the best shower pan size and shape that will best fit your bathroom.

Then we choose the style and size of shower doors. We try to ensure the shower base and door seamlessly integrate into the bathroom's overall design and meet your specific needs and preferences.

Installation of Custom Showers

A custom glass shower looks fascinating and can complement any bathroom design. In addition to custom shower doors, it’s important to have a solid and safe shower base. Let’s delve into the installation process:

- Clean and level the subfloor.
- Fit the shower drain, ensuring integration with the liner.
- Use either a sloped mortar bed or a preformed shower pan as the base.
- Add the shower head, faucet, and other fixtures.
- Set up the shower curb at the shower entrance if required.
- Attach a tile backer board to the shower walls.
- Install a waterproof membrane on the walls and all corners with a waterproof band
- Install tiles on the walls and floor with mortar.
- Fill gaps between tiles with grout and seal.
- Check for leaks and drain functionality.

These types of shower bases and doors have pros and cons, so address our experts for professional consultation.

Installer of custom shower
Schluter KERDI Waterproofing Membrane
Type of drain in shower
installation of schluter custom shower

How to Install Custom Glass Doors

There’s a step-by-step guide to installing custom glass shower enclosures:

Firstly, experts measure the space and discuss the design;
Then you wait for the manufacturing of a custom door;
Once the shower area is prepared, you get a door installed;
After caulking, specialists clean the glass and test the door's functionality.


It’s a general outline of how the custom shower glass doors are set up. The process may vary slightly based on design and materials. 


We specialize in custom shower base installation and can install custom glass shower doors if you urgently need them. Don’t wait to contact us to get a high-quality shower in your city. 

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